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Change how {REGARDS} is handled in Emails

Started by Sland, February 10, 2012, 07:41:44 AM

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The "EmailTemplates.english.php" file has a parameter in it called {REGARDS} which places the salutation in the emails sent out. I cannot find any way of modifying how it creates the salutation other than by changing the Forum name. Our forum name is "The Forgotten" and we want to keep it that way but doing so means that emails are signed as follows:

Regards The The Forgotten Team

and we would like to remove the first "The" without changing our forum name to Forgotten.

Is there any way to do this in SMF 2.0.2?

Many thanks for a great software package BTW.


in your /Themes/default/languages/index.english.php

$txt['regards_team'] = 'Regards,' . "\n" . 'The ' . $context['forum_name'] . ' Team.';

just edit that line as you want, which sounds like you just want to remove the . 'The ' part, this text is also found in Post.english.php for those that get notifications of new posts/threads


Many many thanks, very quick response indeed :)