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hide email address of the users

Started by stephenr1, January 23, 2012, 07:49:33 AM

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a regular user can send email to other members

can i set it so no member can send email to other members?


there is no way by default to do that.


Quote from: Illori on January 23, 2012, 07:51:09 AM
there is no way by default to do that.

ok. i will just notify the members
so they can set it so they will not
be sent email from the members.



I don't know if a mod exists for this but maybe something that will check "Do not receive mail from members" as default. Then if they wish to let others email them they can uncheck it that way it's all on the members and not showing everyone's by default, except for those who wish to display it.


I'm not sure where that screenshot comes from and if this is the same issue that I'd like to ask about:

Is there really no way to hide private mail adresses from other forum members? Wer went online with our new forum yesterday and already I have dozens of support mesgs asking me to hide the field "mail adress".

I can hardly believe this is impossible - is it? I mean they are not shown here in this forum either. (When I click on the profile page of other members).



I just came to ask the same thing.  How do I hide users email addresses?


Admin > Configuration > Security & Moderation > General.

Second option from the top: "Allow viewable email addresses".  Make sure the box is unchecked.


I am new to smf and would like to revive this discussion.

My Forum is about ten years old (recently converted from YaBB 2.5 to smf 2.0.2) and I am looking for an option to run a -let's say- "batch-operation" on one issue:

I would like to set all existing email-addresses to not show to other members. Neither in profiles nor as a button in posts. Unless they actively decide to reveal them again by checking the box.
Removing it by changing a template could be the wrong solution, because I wish to keep my admin-mailaddy displayed.
I already hid them from guests, and for new registrations mail-addresses are hidden by default. So that's alright for the future. I just want to change this for existing members without having to change hundreds of single profiles manually.

Is there a way to do so?

with best regards


Quote from: K-Forum on October 28, 2012, 09:25:48 AM
I am new to smf and would like to revive this discussion.

The in the thread title means this issue has been resolved, so not many members will respond to it.

You'd be better advised to open your own topic - gives you a better chance of a resolution ;)