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WindowsXP Theme  (release 1)

some features...
- Collapsable Elements
   (Start menu, Forum window, Shout Box, treelink)
- Custom menus
- Desktop Feature. (Put any amount of HTML behind main forum window, e.g your logo or icons like your xp-desktop)
- Icon view of boards, childboards and messages
- Popup when there are new personal messages
- Home button Swap Option

attached to need to login to download.
Download for 1.1 rc1
Download for 1.0.5

Polish Buttons by Xniver

screen shots

Thanks to Grudge - Showing boards in two columns
Thanks to A.M.A - Using his Custom menus :)
Thanks to Bloc - for correcting errors with time action (not available yet)
SilkClean Buttonset by ªcF
Logout effect - tips & tricks
Flashing message icons - tips & tricks

Theme Layout is open to use/modify if only done for smf. (Dont use this layout for linux/vista/macOSX...i am working on these thats why  ;))
All graphics copyright Microsoft Coperation.
Windows and WnidowsXP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Coperation. :P

Edit: Attached new versions - Oldiesmann

J. Williams:
I like it,true qualities of xp

Looks good, nice job. But what about the copyright, are we allowed to use those graphics elsewhere than Wİndows XP?

I think its just xp logo which cant be used, i will change it to smf w

Do you have a live test?


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