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Timeout error when posting

Started by Chalky, March 03, 2012, 08:09:24 AM

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It's a subsidiary of GoDaddy and they have really annoyed me today, but I'm paid up with them for a long time to come.  I have access to the back door settings, database, ftp, etc.  Is it something I could disable myself without going to them?


unfortunately, no, if you have one, you probably don't have permission to modify it

you can try disable to using htaccess


Thanks :)  Those instructions say "If your host doesn't allow you to disable mod_security, the forum will no longer load. "  Well I've made the change and my forum still loads....   :D

Let's see how we go with the error message.  Thank you :)


it might also be helpful if you check and post your forum and server errors logs if any


Ah K@ K@ K@!

Weird thing happened.  I didn't want to say anything sooner for fear of speaking too soon, but for the last two weeks or more, this error hasn't appeared to any of my (three) members once!!!  It was consistent before that!

I don't really understand, because I did all the fiddles that you suggested, plus changed the mod_security thing suggested by Eudemon,  but even after I had tried everything suggested, the error kept showing.  Then it stopped and hasn't been seen since!  (Touch wood....)

Is it possible that the mod_security thing took a day or two to propagate?  Or that some other fiddle did?  Without knowing how it was got rid of, I don't trust that it's sorted, if you know what I mean....

Oh and as of a week ago, my co-admin is using Opera  8)  So now we have me on Firefox, her on Opera, one on IE and one still using Chrome, and none of them have seen this error since!  Woohooo!!  :D :D


Quote from: Sabrinova on April 01, 2012, 01:15:47 PMIs it possible that the mod_security thing took a day or two to propagate?  Or that some other fiddle did?

Not that I know of. Still, a is a either way. ;)