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Started by Matthew K., March 06, 2012, 01:05:26 PM

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Matthew K. becomes a little bit more difficult with Menu Editor Lite due to how the array is defined. I really don't have much extra time on my hands. Try just modifying the keys to what you want.


Ths is a great mod but apparently it's useless..  I am using simple portal as well and when menu editor is installed I have no forum button ?

Shot taken while logged into admin account


Quote from: dkjones on October 23, 2012, 04:57:14 AM
...I am using simple portal as well and when menu editor is installed I have no forum button ?

Already mentioned in this very thread  ::)


Yes I see that but as I stated when you install menu editor it removes the forum button, In the add button feature the only 2 options are Forum stats & Forum Home...  Now if you are also running simple portal ez potal etc  the Home button then becomes your portal and you have to use the Forum button for forums..   The Menu editor only allows you to add an internal link to Forum Home.. Which is the home button and not the actual forum button. So you end up with no way to access the forums.  Essentially with simple portal installed as well as menu editor  both the home and forum button you can create with menu editor both take you to your portal...

The add internal links choice called  Forum home directs you here  /index.php

A new internal link should be added for when a portal is installed

Forum with portal     directs to  /index.php?action=forum

Matthew K.

Oh, so because the button disappears Menu Editor is useless? Also, you don't need to explain how SimplePortal works, I know how portals work.

If I ever decide to release Menu Editor Pro, it has way more support for things, including Portals.

However, for now, you can use an external link, name it "Forum", click "External Link" for link type, put the link as and it will automatically highlight the tab if you are in ?action=forum, this is because I added a broad method for implementing highlighted buttons that supports actions outside of the defined ones in Menu Editor Lite to catch instances such as this one from being an issue, I thought it through.


Well first of all let me apologize for seeming rude was not my intention.. I now have menu editor back install and with your suggestion fixed my problem as well as added some external links I needed..  If I wasn't always in such a hurry what I meant to say in my post's is with menu editor install it renders the portals useless..  menu editor is far from useless it's now my favorite mod of all of them. ingenious little idea..

Now all I have to do is figure out how to add new pages and have them work with SMF open from within it and not open a blank crappy page..
This is very easy in clip-bucket to add new pages but SMF is proving to be a learning curve for me

Don't suppose you might have a link in mid explaining how to add a page that works with a button and still loads within SMF ?


Thank you for the fantastic plugin and the speedy responses.

Matthew K.

Why thank you very much :) Welcome to the SMF Community, by the way.

You can make the page with a portal, and then add the page with Menu Editor. Although there isn't pages support for highlighting the button yet with portal pages.

Not a problem, thank you for the kind words.


Since you are so kind I though I might ask..  Is there anyway to integrate paid subscriptions into the signup process so new users siging up have the option to choose a free account or paid script ?

Matthew K.

No, it's not possible. You'd have to have someone code it for you, and it'd be difficult.


Actually that's what i figured but does seem stupid there is nothing out there that allows a new user to signup and while making an account choose say 1 mo 6 mo 1 year etc and make a payment..  As it is now the only way I see for people to do it is create an account once logged in go to profile actions paid subscriptions..  This seems almost useless because without telling each and every new member how to do it most people may never even notice it..  As much as I love SMF I am almost leaning towards an alternative if I can find one. for me this is a must feature
Thanks again for your responses.


Well, none of the other systems offer that out of the box either, so you're talking custom coding.


No kidding thats good for me in a way really not liking thought of starting over guess I will have to come up with some kind of compromise


What I'm wondering is how important the paid content is, whether people are likely to sign up *just* to create paid accounts; I don't know any forum where that's likely to occur.

If it was actually that important, you could install something like the PM to New Members mod and create a message that goes to new members to tell them about the paid options.

That said, it sounds like it's going to look like "Quick, gimme your money'... as in 'desperate'.


Actually that's not the intent at all I own a home buis I sell all kinds of car alarms wiring harness adapters  bypass kits  for current anti-theft systems..  You prob own a car with a chip or transponder in the key. Ford / Gm fail constantly and both refuse to recall these systems can cost thousands to have replaced only for it to happen again.  The site is based on support impossible to find wiring diagrams etc etc
You would be surprised how may people end up bypassing these systems.. After all its over 150$ to replace a GM ignition key.. Once bypassed key is 2$ walmart.. I have a 1999 Volvo S70 Turbo 450$ for new key and programming at the dealer !  they can go **** themselves lol

Matthew K.

Sounds interesting. If this topic is going to continue on in here, I'm going to split it off. Way outside of Menu Editor's support topic now. That's custom programming, you'll have to pay someone a decent amount to get it done right. Not many people around here would be capable of it, either.


I Like this mod..Thank you!

Matthew K.

Thanks for the comment :) glad you like it!


My drop down is not working. I put a link in the child and it will not show when I click the parent. Am I doing something wrong?
Any kind of help would be great.

PS, using 2.0.2   

Matthew K.

Have a link and admin details handy that you could PM me so I can look at the configuration?


Quote from: mdj on March 18, 2012, 03:39:07 PM
Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on March 15, 2012, 10:56:18 AM
It doesn't include the count in the menu...

thats a shame, could it be easily modified to allow for the count?

What editing would be required to put the count for Personal Messages back in the menu? It's being heavily missed.

Thank you.
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