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Started by Matthew K., March 06, 2012, 01:05:26 PM

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Matthew K.

My answer for that has been consistent: even though it's a base feature of SMF does not mean it has to be a part of my system which strips base menu and overhauls it.

I do agree though I probably should've added it. The pro version definitely has it.

Burke ♞ Knight

In the css, drop down section,  how do I change it so it is set to show longer menu names without line break?
If go to BK Modding site, look in the Community menu and you'll see what I mean. :)

Matthew K.

I normally wouldn't take the time to dig up manual edits for someone that doesn't quite relate to the mod, and on a custom theme. But, since you're SHOTM, I figure it'd be nice for someone to give back to you and show some appreciation for your help.

In the "#topnav li ul" selector, change the width to: 250px

In the "#topnav li li a" selector, change the width to: 214px

Obviously you can adjust those slightly if you want but that worked when I played with it. Note the anchor has to be smaller so it fits inside the list item.

Burke ♞ Knight

Perfection! :)

I was half asleep last night, and when saw the way the css was there, was not sure what to think...LOL
(Been working on 4 sites for other people, as well as personal issues. Got maybe 4 hours sleep last few days.)

Thank you for both the fix and comment. :)

Matthew K.


Have  a question if you can help me that's if i haven't missed anything.

Is there anyway to have a menu button open up as a pop up window sort of like the annoying pop up ads. Reason being is i have a chatroom that when clicked opens up in a pop up window and if i can i will have the button on my nav bar. ?


Matthew K.

Have you tried using target blank?


Yes it opens up in a new tab which is half of what i want to do. I want it to open in a new window as a pop up ?


Not all browsers support that nowadays, iirc. Try both targets (target new and blank) and see which one works.
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Sorry to duplicate here, as this is a Menu editor Pro question, but need all the help I can get :)

I installed a different theme and now the icons in the menu are upper than they should, reviewing the code in the navigator i see the following:

img.mep_icon { /index.php?action=forum
margin-top: 2px;
margin-right: 2px;
vertical-align: top;

when I disable the vertical-align the icons go back to their places, but im not able to find where is that piece of code to make that change and save it.  I've looked in root, in sources, in default (in themes) but so far no luck... any help will be highly appreciated.

I always appreciate the help, thank you!

Matthew K.

For Menu Editor Pro customers there is a dedicated support board on SMF Hacks. Look in ./Themes/default/css/menu_css/main.css. To just modify it on your new theme you'd have to duplicate the file in your theme.


Hi Lab, I haven't gone through all 19 pages, however, does anyone happen to ask to add support for multiple MENU  and then allowing them author to add menu at multiple locations ?
May be in pro version ?

Matthew K.

It's been requested a lot, although it's not possible in Lite or Pro and I will not ever be adding support for multiple menu locations. Reason being is that it'd more than likely require a template edit or multiple and then it becomes a question of whether or not that edit has been made...if it wasn't made, or isn't working on all themes, what then happens with the backend? It's just a big mess.

There are a few locations that I suppose you *could* hack in a menu without a template edit...although I won't be getting into that unless there was a large donation to make it worth my time because I don't think it's worth it honestly.


I understand, it was just my advice. You know I do skinning in WP and Drupal sometimes and both have feature to have multiple menu and generally we end up using it very creatively.

I have not seen how your this mod is coded but  you can simply let people to create new menu and add it anywhere in template through piece of code generated or add it with some available hooks (may be in 2.1 which is I suppose going to have some more template hooks).

Matthew K.

Really? Simply? Please, by all means do it then. I can't speak this about Menu Editor Lite, but Menu Editor Pro is everything but "simple". And even now it could be improved on a lot with how compat works with the caching that's done.

You can't add multiple menu locations with SMF because of the lack of template hooks and all of the compatibility issues that doing so would bring. A support nightmare and on top of that, it wouldn't be consistent 3 out of 10 times which wouldn't be good enough.


Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on September 07, 2013, 01:21:15 PM
Really? Simply? Please, by all means do it then. I can't speak this about Menu Editor Lite, but Menu Editor Pro is everything but "simple".

Arr.. uh.. aah.. ahem.. oops...
Re-read .. I never say its simple mod, I said Simply Let Poeple........blah blah .. which in other words, I would say.. allow people to add code simply to create multiple menu.

Its  ok though ;) , I have your point.


I believe Kays' mod can do that.

Matthew K.

It honestly wouldn't be too difficult to implement, but it becomes tricky dealing with the template edits that wouldn't be avoidable to one extent or another.


Please bear with my question until this past Sunday I didn't even know what a  css or smf was and there is only so much I can learn in a 48 hr. period. I added this mod to my forum because it seemed like it would help what I am trying to do. I am also thinking about using the 6 buttons but here is my question, can I make a button with a drop down menu that has an internal link and an external link. Even if this mod doesn't do it is it possible to do with out hacking the php? It will probably take me another week to learn how to hack the php. I am using 2.0.6 SMF


to one button?

Each "button" can only have a single link....

However, we do have a very nice tutorial


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