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Global user-defined font/font sizes.

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With reference to my response, here:

Would this be easy enough to implement?

If so, maybe it ought to be of a reasonably high priority?

As mentioned in the other thread...  Why?
All modern browsers allow resizing of the browser contents....

Well, not everyone's aware of such things. Plus, unless they get into custom style-sheets and the like, they'd have to set everything up, each time. Whereas, a setting, such as I've described, can be set permanently.

Might give us a bit of kudos in the "Disability" stakes, too, looking at it from a marketing perspective. ;)

hmmm... I don't understand what you mean by custom style sheets....    the adjustment is pretty simple.

Mind you, I think that a "disability" type theme is a good idea.... but I'm not sure we should spend too much time doing it into the core product.
Of course, it's up to one of the developers to see how much work is actually involved.

also in some cases by increasing the font too much will break the layout of the whole theme, so a separate theme may be easier to maintain.


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