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problems with displaying russian language posts after moving to another hosting

Started by yaniss, March 14, 2012, 09:39:04 AM

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I am not certain that repair settings actually fixes the attachments and avatars paths...  Go into your smf admin and check the paths under attachments settings and avatar settings.
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ok, it's easy to know the correct url, but how can I check the correct directory?
ie url for attachments is:

and SM had determined that directory is:
but where and how can I check is it correct? there are no such folders on ftp ( I guess this part will get some one laughing :) )


if you use the repair_settings.php file it will tell you what the path should be, we would not know how your server is configured to know if the path is correct or not.


I used the repair setting recommended path settings, but attachments still not showing :(


then you need to ask your host, and verify that the files are in place.


oh and when I just tried to access file maintenance part in forum admin I got error message:
Cannot access attachments upload path!


I can see the files on ftp server
what exactly I should ask my host then?


as i said contact your host and ask them what it should be, they will know. we can only guess as we dont have access to your server.


host is still not answering,

maybe something is wrong with permissions.
I did something and now the forum can see the files
when I go to admin panel: Attachments and Avatars and choose browse files, it can see all of the files, but when I try to open any of them they are shown blank (most of the files are images) but in the list they are listed with corect file sizes etc.

and when I go to File Maintenance not ti does not display error message any more, but the totatll attachemt count as well as total size.

Maybe it's just something wrong with permissions?
is there a place where I can see what permissions have to be for each file/folder?


and forgot to mention that I was not able to make new posts with attachments ( I was getting error message) after what I changed the permissions to some of the folders and now I can make new posts with attachments.


Have these image files ever displayed correctly on the new host? Were they transferred over from the old host? Maybe they were corrupted by transferring them in ASCII mode (text) rather than binary mode.


I partially solved the problem, part of the attachemts are working as well as part of the avatars appeared, but there are still some that are not working, but this is a minor thing.

Thanks a lot for your help!
I am happy that I choose simple machines now as I know that community is great and supportive!

All the best to all of you!