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SMF Theme Changer

Started by Team, April 23, 2012, 06:38:02 PM

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Matthew K.

Very sorry to see that Danny...


Useful feature. Anyone having a demo or screenshot of this ?
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Matthew K.

There's a screenshot of this on the mod site.


Polskie wsparcie SMF na

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Matthew K.


maybe clear your cache in web browser  ::)

screens were from and this site is closed :/


I see that Team took over this mod, so I guess they will update screens/demo soon
Polskie wsparcie SMF na

the simplest solution is most likely the right one

Matthew K.

I am a programmer for SMFHacks. I'll upload one of their screenshots to tinypic and attach it here for now. Team

Nice very handy! I maybe time to start a theme demo site again!
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" When there is a will there is a way. If there is no way make one "

Please do read my blog
I would love to hear your comments.

Touchline Reporter : for the hardcore soccer fans


Getting an error in my log:

8: Undefined index: change_theme_check_top

That is what shows in the file:


What is causing the error?


Change that line to:

elseif (!empty($modSettings['change_theme_check_top']) && $modSettings['change_theme_check_top']=='0'){}
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Matthew K.

Actually...that's a little bit backwards...contradicting yourself there.

Try this instead:
elseif (isset($modSettings['change_theme_check_top']) && $modSettings['change_theme_check_top'] == 0) {}


8: Undefined index: change_theme_check_top Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file  File: /home/rsdlaugh/public_html/new/Sources/cls.php
Line: 93

Getting this error. Any help would be appreciated. I also got the error that shazoo had as well, but was able to fix that with the info that Labradoodle posted. THANKS! Now, if I can just get rid of this one....

Using SMF 2.0.4 and I am only using the theme changer on the bottom.


It has been a while since there was a post here, however, I am very interested in this mod.

My problem is, while is "works", it does not work in a fashion that suits my needs. There seems to be nothing that does.

All my themes use Variants, which SMF has supported for a long time.  Two of my sites have a theme that has over 50 variant color schemes for the theme, with over 50 CSS3 style sheets, which can create different effects as far as curved or square borders, spacing, colors, gradients, 3D effects, and the whole ball of wax.

This does not allow me to access any of that, as it will only show the theme name, without any choices to the many variants that all of my sites offer.

I noticed that the last modified date of the mod was October 2, 2013, which gives me hope this mod is still being actively developed.

I would like to respectfully request that theme variants be supported. Please respond as to whether or not you will consider this as a future option. If not, I may have to create my own mod.

As a secondary request, I'd like to have an option to add "permissions" so that the ability to see this theme changer can be set as a permission per group. That way, I can disable it for guests, or, on some sites, enable it only for the "Maintenance" group that handles theme creation and mods so it will be easier to test themes and how certain mods work with those themes.

I believe these requests are reasonable, and would make the final outcome of this mod a valuable resource for every SMF 2 forum out there.


I'm not actually sure it's directly possible for this mod to support variants. There is, as far as I know, no central standardised way for a theme to declare its variants such that this mod could actually read it.


Thank you, Arantor, for giving an answer that not only answers my query of "will someone do this," but also gives the answer, "why it hasn't been done."

Your answer is much appreciated, even though it doesn't solve my issue.  Now I can just work on implementing something myself.

Even though there is no "centralized" way of reading variants, all the ones in use by forums I work with use the same theme designer, and thus, have the exact same way of declaring variants. I'll use the rules in use by this developer to create a bit of something, though it would be no good for anyone else, apparently.


Is this mod supposed to work across browser sessions or am I doing something wrong?

I can change themes with no problem but if I close the browser and then re-open it, the theme goes back to what it was in my profile originally.

Any help would be appreciated. :)
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If I need to move the dropdown to a different area, how would I do that?
I found a theme whose top header is very very small and it gets cut off



Should this remember user theme settings when they log out and back in?

Thank you


i use prettyurl mod

it must change theme at home page.

if change another page it error

can You help me plese.