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Started by Mystic, October 28, 2004, 10:47:52 AM

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Just a thought like that, probably for a mod idea...

How about having a task manager where admin (or others) can admin tasks and so the status of the task would be displayed on the forum? This might prove useful if you use your forum to develop projects or have a community and want to do some project management....


you mean a toDo List?

Why not creating a ToDo  topic in the moderator only section and each done thread will be erased in the topic.


I'm not sure this is exactly a feature for a forum.... more like a portal, imho.



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very much hi.

So our student organization (iskra) had a need of a mod like this, so we wrote one.
It is far from perfect since there was a lot to learn.
We are using it for a year now, but it has not reached 1.0 version yet.
Hopefully we will finish it soon.

Anyways we are sharing the project as it is, since not much changed in quite some time.
You can find it at ivangrozni/smf-taskmanager on github.

Maybe if there is a simple request, we can fix it.


Resurrecting an 11 year old topic is kind of frowned upon. Feel free to submit the mod to the modsite, or creating a topic in SMF Coding Discussion.
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