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smiley problem..

Started by Elizabeth II, May 24, 2012, 10:58:18 AM

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Elizabeth II


I've been trying to add smileys but they are not appearing... All I get is blank box things in the post a reply section (image below) How can I fix this? all the paths seem to be all right...



I'd guess that either the files-permissions are wrong, or the path to your smilies is.

If you right-click on one of them and select "Copy image address", you can past that into notepad and see where it thinks the files are and change it.

Elizabeth II

hmm they still appearing as it their using the default smileys which i dont want , i uploaded another set (lightb) and made a new set but still not working.. and the paths are all correct


Personally, I've never bothered with different sets.

Why? Well, because you have to make sure that every set contains exactly the same filenames. Otherwise, people using different sets won't see the smiley. i.e. If someone using one set uses a smiley that's not in the set that you're using, you won't see it.

To change existing images, just overwrite the current image with one of your own.

Oh... if you want to leech any from my smiley site, feel free. :)