Cant see the simple portal after installing smf 2.0

Started by beaglexb, May 24, 2012, 12:19:06 PM

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Dear sirs,

I updated our site from smf 2.0 RC3 to the latest version "smf 2.0".  The forum looks fine, but I noticed that I can't see the simple portal anymore.  I also updated it to the newer version.

Thank you so much for the help.

Here's a printscreen:


Hi beaglexb welcome to smf.

The latest version is 2.0.2 not 2.0

Not sure what I am supposed to be looking at in the image.

Did you uninstall the mods before you upgraded the forum?


Hello sir,

Thank you.

I updated it to version 2.0.2 and not 2.0..sorry, my mistake. 

Yes sir, I unstall the mods before upgrading.

The image showed that the above files were "Test successfull" after updating.  But below the files, with the file name "/.PortalStandalone.php" did not show information wether it is failed test or not. 

I used to be able to see the blocks in simple portal, but not anymore after the update.

Thank you for the advice.


Can you please include a link to your forum in the next post and please use black font and not blue.


Here is the link of our test site... thank you sir. [nonactive]


Quote from: beaglexb on May 24, 2012, 01:40:01 PM
Here is the link of our test site... thank you sir.

OK as guests are unable to view the forum I am unable to go any further without a test admin account.

Please feel free to pm me with details.


OK I saw the problem

Simple Portal has been installed 3 times

Ajax Chat has been installed 2 times plus you also have cbox installed.

Aeva Media 2 times

SMF gallery 2 times.

May I suggest you reinstall the test forum and start from scratch.


created 2 additional folders for testing SMF and simpleportal. [nonactive] - which is a SMF 2.0. RC3 (just like test site), and I tried simpleportal 2.3.1 and 2.3.2.  No luck getting it to display the simple portal. [nonactive] - which is a SMF 2.0 RC3 which I upgraded to SMF 2.0.2 and tried Simpleportal 2.3.5.  Still can't see simpleportal.  I've recreated the site so you won't see simpleportal now, but it's ready to be installed.

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you did the test as i asume from your above image attachment but after that did ya hit the install button for the actually install of the portal installation ? wich sometime happens if your not familair with the new software
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Yes sir, I click the install button for the actual install.  And I admit, I am not familiar with the software.

Thank you for the help.