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Every so often some poor soul posts in this forum that they were unable to register in some SMF-powered forum, and could we please help them out? They always end up being told that there's nothing we can do about it, as we don't control other installations and we don't even know who the owners or admins are.

My suggestion is that the registration process include a contact email for use if the registration doesn't come through. Sites would not be required to give out such an email address, but we can make it easy for them to do so. The address would not be given out until after the member information is submitted, to keep it away from email address harvesters. The applicant could also be reminded that an email response should be expected within the hour or within a few days at most, depending on what kind of sign-up approval is needed, and the address the email is being sent to and a reminder to check spam/bulk/junk mail folders if it doesn't show up when expected.

In that case I think it would be better a form that allows to "send" (i.e. both an email and something on the forum) a notification to the admin/s.

Such a feedback or response form would have to be open to guests, which invites massive spamming. And what would be the point of posting it in the forum? It may possibly be sensitive information that the would-be member doesn't want the public to see (at the very least, it would have to go to a restricted board).

I said "something", it may be a PM to the admins, or a separated page "complaints", don't know...I'm just proposing things...

What makes you think I would publish anything that could be private in the open forum? ???

Not you, specifically.

I'm just pointing out that matters involving why someone is not getting their password or other registration problem often involve communicating passwords, real addresses/phone numbers, or other information that should be kept to as few trusted people as possible. Unless it's published in a very restricted board, it may become public.


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