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Forum Stats - New Members counting unactivated members


Ok, I'm running 2.0.2, with Simple Portal and a few other 'add ons' like Bookmarks and media embedding tools:

Tapatalk SMF 2.0 RC3/RC4 Plugin    1.3.0    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
2.    Simple Audio Video Embedder    2.0.5    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
3.    Bookmarks    2.5    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
4.    Social Buttons    2.0    [ Install Mod ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
5.    SMF 2.0.2 Update    1.0    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
6.    Share This Topic    4.1.2    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
7.    Stop Spammer    2.3.9    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
8.    Google Member Map    2.0.7    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]
9.    SimplePortal    2.3.4    [ Uninstall ] [ List Files ] [ Delete ]

The most pertinent mod for this question is the Stop Spammer package.

I get over 100 attempts by 'bots' to register every day, and Stop Spammer does a great job of stopping them from being fully activated.  However, even after cleaning them out and rejecting their membership, the total count of 'New Members' includes these 100's of never-registered accounts.

Email authentication is enabled for new memberships.  My total member count (16,551 at the moment) does not include these spam attempts, but the New Members yearly/monthly/daily breakdown in the Forum Stats does.  According to it I've had 19,274 New Members register in 2012 alone.

This seems to have started in December 2011, when my monthly activations went to 4232, up from 392 the month before.

Would be nice if this was consistent, and given the total members number of 16,551 appears to be accurate, I don't believe it's the Stop Spammer mod causing the issue.  It seems the Forum Stats is counting registration attempts, not fully registered members.

Yes, the forum stats count registration attempts. Since it's only a count maintained as you go along, it may not be possible to make it consistent either.

That's a pretty bad design.  If it's gong to keep track of everything, at least split it out:

Registration Attempts
Completed Registrations
Account Cancellations

To have that 1 membership stat completely disconnected from the others (average reg per day, total members etc.) doesn't add any value at all.  Nice to see the ratios however if they were broken down as above on a daily/monthly basis.


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