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Split of post approval permissions

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When post moderation is enabled, members who are able to approve posts, can post without post approval. I'd love to see a new permission for posting without post approval, because letting someone approve posts doesn't mean you automatically want them to be able to post without post approval. :P

Make sure to have it so that people who can approve, can't approve their own unapproved topics.

yeah... it seems confusing, but I believe the permissions already can do exactly this...

No, they can't. Right to approve trumps the others.

It's why I actually gutted that part of SMF in Wedge, because it isn't otherwise possible to force even staff member topics to be approved, though currently I haven't finished all that.

are you sure?

Post new topics, without requiring approval          
Post new topics, but hide until approved          
Post replies to topics, but hide until approved
    Own topic:          
    Any topic:          
Post replies to topics, without requiring approval
    Own topic:          
    Any topic:

and then

Approve items awaiting moderation

I have not used that specific set... so I can't confirm...
but are you saying that "Approve items..." overrides the "... hide until approved" settings and makes any user able to approve also not require apporval?


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