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Error Log Issues

Started by XHIBIT911, June 21, 2012, 05:02:24 PM

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Ok after uninstalling, deleting from my server and reinstalling (but not activating) I've solved the Treasury english.utf8 error that was eating a hole in my error logs.
Now I have two remaining I'd like to get out my hair but don't have a clue how to fix.

Uninitialized string offset: 0
File: /home/index.php
Line: 505


8: Undefined index: cash
File: home/Sources/Load.php
Line: 1288

The second mod is the shop mod and the first i dont know where the error is stemming from.
Also look at these pageloads

Page created in 22.948 seconds with 13 queries.

earlier I had 146 queries


Ok, the cash error is only when visiotrs arrive my ip does not show so I'm assuming only non registered members cause that error.
However this is a persistant error

8: Uninitialized string offset: 0
Apply Filter: Only show the errors from this file
File: home/index.php
Line: 505


Yeah..pretty stupid of me to not mention I have a ton of mods, almost 60 I'd say.
But the shop only shows that cash error for unregistered visitors...I'll double check my settings. It may be as simple as me being retarded to have it set for guests as well