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[WIP] Works In Progress
Customizers are encouraged to post their [WIP]s in a new topic in this board. Please follow these rules when creating a topic for a [WIP].

* Please use this format for the Subject of the topic [MOD][WIP]Customization Name. If it's a theme use [THEME], not [MOD]
* Attach your WIP in this topic or a link to the Repo.
[Pending] Modifications Pending Review
Community Customizer are welcomed to create a topic for any [PENDING] customization in the customization que. Please follow these rules when creating a topic for a [PENDING] customization.

* Please use this format for the Subject of the topic [MOD][PENDING]Customization Name. If it's a theme use [THEME], not [MOD]
* Provide a link to the customization on the customization site so any other Community Customizer can download the customization.
* You MUST provide an initial review of the customization to start a [PENDING] topic.
Any work will be subject to a community review by members of the Community Customizer group and the Customization Team Members.

Those users on the Community Customizer group and Customization Team Members would be able to see/download the attachments and any customizations in the queue. Community Customizers are encouraged to use this guide while reviewing any customization.

After the customisation has been reviewed and found to comply with the procedures and coding guidelines, the topic will be marked as solved using the forum's marked as solved feature, then a Customization Team Member will approve the customisation on the mod site.

For a customisation to be considered for approval, at least 1 Customization Team Member should be taking part of the review.

For regular users, every customization submitted here is considered as to not yet be ready and should not be used on a live site.

[WIP] or [PENDING] deemed as inactive will be locked and a green tick will be placed beside them.

Parameters to join the Community Customizer

* Fluent in PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. This may vary, you don't have to be an expert in all fields.
* Active within the community, via support, bug reports, mods, themes, documentation or any other source.
Purges on the Community Customizer group will be done bi-weekly taking activity as the main parameter, that is, if a member hasn't been active in any topic review in a considerable amount of time, this user will be removed from the group.

This is quite interesting, a nice way to get community members involved.

Very nice idea. :)

The Craw:
I like the idea of getting community members more involved. Also, having the mod refining process out in the open will help others to not make the same mistakes.

Im working on an official anouncement, im on my phone now so is hard to give more detals, hopefully we can stsrt with this very soon,thank you all for your interest :)


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