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as an admin and a regular user on several SMF's this annoys me when i have to omit characters like "a" and numbers and such when they are critical to finding the posts and or threads

They're not critical. In almost every case such really common words are automatically excluded, even when SMF doesn't have complete control over it.

That request is just plain silly....

how is "a" critical in a search?

searching for "treatise petunias" will bring up the post with the title or contents: "A treatise on petunias"

searching for just "a" would bring up nearly every post....

Even google excludes words like "a" and "an"....

A word that is a single letter or even two letters is usually considered just "noise" and should be ignored. If it's something important to look for as part of a phrase, put it in quotation marks: "i have to omit".


--- Quote from: Kindredlink=topic=479967.msg3359266#msg3359266 date=1340509637 ---That request is just plain silly....

--- End quote ---

Funnily enough, I agree with GunSlingerBoy, totally.

If you're searching for certain pieces of code, as I sometimes do, here, it's a pain in the arse. :P


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