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2 character minimum in search

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Yeah, I realise that. But, if you perform such a search, it would be good for it to just get on with it and not respond with that damned annoying message.

Can you see where I'm coming from?

I can, except that experience suggests it won't pan out like that anyway.

What would be the point of not throwing the error, only to return with no responses, or worse, so many irrelevant responses?

Human time is not cheap, and invariably you're being kept at bay from having many many many pointless searches to wade through.

Well, you have more knowledge about how these things work than I do, obviously.

I just saw the original post and thought "Yeah! That pisses me off, too! I wonder if something couldn't be done, to improve that!" and that was that. Would, perhaps, an option to "Search exact term/phrase" improve that, assuming the single/double character was circumvented, work better, for that kinda thing?

(As you know, I know diddly-squat about all this coding stuff. I'm just kinda tossing things around, to see if such things could work and are practicable.

If, as Kindred seems to be implying, I'm talking total bollox (He may well be 100% correct, obviously), because it just ain't possible, I'd be fine, with that, as long as what you're saying's impossible, is what I actually mean to be asking for. (I'm not the best at expressing such things, as you may have noticed)

Well, it isn't exactly possible, that's sort of the point.

Of the 4 methods of searching available for SMF, 2 of them will forcibly remove non word characters entirely and will strip words of one or two letters as well, and dealing with this is not something SMF can do, we're talking reconfiguration on a nasty technical level. (And one of these methods also comes with a very large list of words it will ignore anyway, of which things like 'the' are auto-excluded even though they're not 2 letters)

Of the other 2, that's a bit more fixable, but there are much greater issues at stake here.

Humour me. Do a search here on 'sp'. That's SimplePortal, right? Or not, as a search will quickly tell you. And therein lies the problem: possible or not, the 2 character minimum is there to prevent you getting flooded with many many many more results than you actually want or need.

As far as phrase matching goes, you're still sort of stuffed because the search backends aren't smart enough to cope with that properly (except Sphinx, and *maybe* MySQL FULLTEXT though that's way too slow to be usable anyway), so it still wouldn't solve your problem anyway without a total rewrite of the search system.

I can see your point. Especially about the "SP" thing.

But, with the facility to "Search exact phrase", would that, particularly with error message searches, obviate that?

If it could be done, so that "Exact term/phrase" mean exactly that and nothing else, at all, would that be a possibilty?

If I search for "A brown kitten" and expected just that and NOT "brown kitten", could that happen?


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