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2 character minimum in search

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Even then most systems actually omit it anyway. Certainly Sphinx does by default (min length 3), MySQL FULLTEXT does (min length 3), and IIRC even a SMF custom index has a minimum length of 3 as well.

I can't imagine a piece of code that would meaningfully be found with a couple of characters either...

For a coder, it's probably easier, because you'll know which bits can be omitted, without it affecting the result.

Us mere plebs don't have that advantage. :P

I re-state.....

--- Quote from: Kindred on June 23, 2012, 11:47:17 PM ---how is "a" critical in a search?

searching for "treatise petunias" will bring up the post with the title or contents: "A treatise on petunias"

searching for just "a" would bring up nearly every post....

Even google excludes words like "a" and "an"....

--- End quote ---

You misunderstand me... (Not surprisingly) :P

What I mean, is when you get a quoted error message, you often get single characters. Especially if that message contains ">", "/", "a=" and the like.

If you copy that error and paste it into "Search", you get that bloody annoying error and a non-coder won't know which characters to omit.

I get around it, myself, by using the "Site search" thingy, on Google (Or whatever).

Does that make more sense?

Most of those characters won't be searchable anyway... all the search backends discard non word characters to some degree, some more than others.


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