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Need account notes feature for Moderators to put notes in peoples' accounts for

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The other board I used had an ACCOUNT NOTES feature where staff can leave notes to each other on members accounts.  It was right in the members account profile modification that staff could modify.  No one else could see the notes but staff.  This was a GREAT way to keep track of warnings or other activities that we did with the members and showed up at the bottom of their profile so all staff could read it.  We give things away at our site and it was a great place to keep track of what people got so we didn't overlap.

Not having this feature is such an inconvenience because there is no other way to keep track of our actions.  We have a lot of actions with our members. It's not just for warnings (we have a very well behaved group).   We can put their Facebook profiles in there if they don't want it public.  Our forum is based on a Facebook game so their profile is important as part of our activity. Not everyone wants that public.

PLEASE PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE.  Or tell me if I am missing it somewhere.

This is GREAT!!  We left a hosted board because of their BS!  I love this board so far and having our own board that is not hosted elsewhere.

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Um, when you issue warnings you can leave a note as to the reason you're leaving a warning...

What else would you need to do other than that? Bear in mind you can issue a small warning, not send a notification to the user and still have that note left on their account...

The issue-warning page also gives you all the details of all previous warnings.

You can even issue a 0 points warning and it would do exactly what the OP is asking...though the "issue warning" should probably be renamed to..."warnings"?

Well, yes, but that's the thing, issuing a 0 point warning is still not overly intuitive.

Fair point on the fact that is anything but intuitive.

Of course the easiest way to achieve it without adding a lot of new things would simply be to:
1) change the menu from "issue a warning" to "warnings and notes"
2) add a new field "notes"
3) use that field to simply fill in a 0-points warning.

Not neat, a bit ugly, but it should work... :P

ETA: mmm...thinking about it, it can be even easier:
1) rename the menu to "notes and warnings" (or "user moderation" or something similar, native English speaker can give better alternatives)
2) rename "Reason for Warning:" to "Moderation note:"
3) hide the "warning level" with javascript and add a checkbox "issue warning" which once ticked displays the "warning level" bar.
So nothing to add, just a bit of make-up.


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