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Same username/password for all my forums. Possible?

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I know it is weird to ask this. But i really need this.
I have three forums running on SMF 2.0.2. Is it possible for a member to use all the three forums with the same username and password, by just registering to any one of those three forums?

I know there is some OPENID for such things. But i don't think many of my members  will go for that.

If i am asking for too much, my apologies.

The 3 forums need to be on the same domain and same database for it to work.

Actually that's not strictly true (they only need to be on the same domain if you want the *login* to be shared, i.e. logged into one logs you into all the rest, you can still use the same details even if they're on different domains, but you would have to log into each one separately)

There really is no easy way to do this, there are a lot of bits to it and you'd have to do everything just right to avoid making it insecure in the process, and there are not many people who know how to do it right. It's best avoided if possible.

I have a doubt that i am trying for something which is not that easy. I really don't want to go into anything complicated; and confused the members in that process. Thanks a lot.

actually, if you have all of the forums on the same server and database, I have seen the code which would enable you to have one forum set across multiple domains.

Pretty snazzy, actually....
all point to the same server and share the same forum, same users, etc... but display different boards and different themese based on the incoming domain (and can share boards between domains as well)


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