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Change the "News:" text

Started by sikkens1997, August 08, 2012, 01:19:45 PM

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How can I change the "News:" text? With this I mean I mean want to "News:" into "Server IP:".

How can I do this? Thx.

EDIT: or just remove it. So I can put "Server IP: ...." into the News @ admin panel.

Chas Large

Not 100% with you here sikkens, do you want to show the server IP address as a news item or do you want to change the news box/heading to show the server IP?

I would have thought the first was easy enough, just type in "Server IP = 111.222.333.444" for example though it won't be a link or anything so you'd have to add it as a link address instead.

If you want to change the news box/heading into something else then it's possible but you'd lose the ability to post news items.

Perhaps you could describe exactly what and why you want to post the server address at the top of the forum when it's already there in the browser address line which can be used to reveal the actual IP.
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Right upper corner. I want to replace "News:" with "Server IP:" there.
So then you'd have: "Server IP:"    instead of what I've got now  "News: Server IP:"

So I want to replace the bold "News:" with bold "Server IP:".


Find this in Themes/default/Languages/Index.english.php:

$txt['news'] = 'News';

change to:
$txt['news'] = 'Server IP:';

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