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Started by Akyhne, August 14, 2012, 04:49:08 AM

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Link to the theme
A theme as a contribution to the Command & conquer game series.

The theme uses some css3, but works with any browser.


Nice theme, but do I need to edit the index.template.php to disable header collapse or can this bee toggles via a theme setting somewhere ? I already found the code for the up/downhrink since I'm adding a header image.
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AFA I remember, I just used the standard toggle in the default theme, which is a Javascript call located in the index.template.php
I don't have further time to help you atm, sry.


Just a heads up, I noticed the images from "<Theme Root>/images/topic/" are missing, which causes broken images in posts.


plz update C&C And Add Child Boards 2 column View


Quote from: Gsmbabumolla on June 03, 2017, 04:38:56 AM
plz update C&C And Add Child Boards 2 column View
The theme author hasn't been online in about half a year, and he doesn't seem to want to update the theme anymore. You may have to make your updates, changes, and fixes manually. Even the theme still says its highest support is for SMF 2.0.4, (although it works on the entire SMF 2.0.x branch).