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Share topics with members

Started by electricwildflower, January 14, 2013, 02:25:00 PM

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Share topics with members

I have noticed you can send a topic to a friend via email but how about a share button so you can send the topic to a member on the forums and it would enter there inbox ?

This would be a good idea so i can share topics with people yes i could just copy the topic url and send them a message with it in but a share this way would be easier.

Regarding how it should show in there inbox well it could be just the link or it could show the whole topic.

Whats your views ?


Interesting idea. I'm not sure how useful it would be, but interesting.


Well with my forum i have a news, reviews, festival, gigs updates which keeps up with the goth scene and once i get bigger i know alot of my members will miss some of the news due to tons of new stuff happening everday. Plus people work, go on holiday, are ill, sleep, eat etc and they carn't see the topics 24/7 so if there is constant updates they might miss something important.

So members could have the option of sending a topic to friends so they can see then at a time convenient to them without having to trail through pages and pages to find something new or they missed ?


Well, don't forget that people have the ability to see what's unread if they want to look at it that way.

As far as sending goes, it seems like a big deal for something that people wouldn't necessarily use.



True but i know there will be alot of lazy members who want it all on a plate.

With the type of website i run it would be a perfect add on but this is specific to my site so i am unsure if it would benefit to anyone else if not i could always go down the mod rout :)


I didn't s that mod unsure if it's what i am after but i will look into it thanks :)


If I were following a forum by checking in several times a day, I frankly would be most annoyed if someone (Admin or not) started "pushing" "hey, you should see this" content out to my mailbox or PM box. Only the most critical notices (e.g., "change your password right away!") should be forced on me. It should be my choice to receive periodic mailings, in a "digest" format of updates, of either everything or selected parts of the forum. Are there any built-in functions to do this, or else mods?


Check your notification settings in your profile. You can opt out of such things ;)