The story of a custom theme/mod project.

Started by Simple Site Designs, December 05, 2012, 06:54:15 PM

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Simple Site Designs

Thanks Trekkie.

If you have an iPad retina display you should be seeing it in all its glory :)


Very nice work !  I noticed that some images are attached in posts.  Did you create an app to upload attachments for iOS ?  Or do they use something like Photobucket ?

Simple Site Designs

Thanks Tom, no special apps. I did do a lot of work making a stylish upload screen but ability in iOS is limited to the latest version (supports uploads).


the perfect theme exists  congratulations forma your great Job

¡¡NEW MOD: Sparkles User Names!!!


One of the best forum theme that I have seen!

I hope you did not modified too many core codes as it would be very hard to apply updates in the future.
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Matthew K.

I don't know how I overlooked this topic for so long. Absolutely beautiful. Amazing job!

Simple Site Designs

Thanks for your kind words!

@vpn So far no problem, updates have applied without any trouble.


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We should feature this as a "You can do this with SMF". Awesome!


Simple Site Designs

Thanks for your kind words guys! I'm just in the process of adding some great new functionality so the Procreate forums will be even better!

Simple Site Designs

Just a little update.

A lot of progress has been made on this project and some of the new features include:

  • Much better lightbox support with correct screen size limiting and full view options.
  • Post tagging ability for mods, allowing them ability to flag posts with pre-defined statuses (like "solved", "planned" etc etc)
  • Auto-grow option for reply/post box.
  • Plus heaps more....

Thanks again to everyone in the community who has helped me along the way!


Not sure how I missed this topic the first time around, but glad to see SMF gave you the flexibility you needed, and the forum looks awesome!

The forum looks awesome, though I don't have any iDeviceTM to see it with :)
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