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Display Signatures Only Once Per Page

Started by H, July 09, 2009, 05:15:32 PM

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Thanks for reviving this thread. Great mod, should be part of the default install  :)


Can someone update this mod to work with 2.1.1 by chance?  I did just attempt an install and there is a single edit with an issue (but that doesn't mean it will work).

This mod really makes a difference in forums with ... creative users signatures. 




Nevermind.  I've figured out the very tiny edit to get this to work with 2.1.x.  I see no license.  What are the rules for releasing a 2.1.x tweaked version?  I ask ZERO credit but would like to make it available for those who know nothing about editing code, etc.

EDIT: And the author hasn't posted in about 10 years...