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Changing MyISAM to InnoDB in SMF 2.0.3

Started by humbleworld, January 28, 2013, 07:46:44 PM

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Dear Friends,

I wonder whether it's still a good idea to shift to InnoDB from MyISAM for certain or all tables of SMF.
If it is, what are the tables that should be converted? And what should be the command line to use?

Thank you.



Thank you, Arantor. I thought those tips are outdated, antiquated already.


Why would they be antiquated, exactly?

If there were better tips, that thread would have been updated.


I would assume because the topic was created 4 years ago, and most guides become outdated as better solutions are found.

Likewise, the topic author was last online about 8 months ago, so I can see the logic in believing its outdated.


It's not without reason that since mySQL 5.5 innoDB became the default engine.
myISAM and innoDB both have their advantages, though imho: innodb pwns myISAM overall.

Mind you, innoDB demands proper tuning of my.cnf. Leaving my.cnf resorting defaults on myISAM *MAY* let you get away with it, but in general: not innoDB.
Especially on larger databases, variables such as innodb_buffer_pool_size is mandatory to be raised.
If you do not... Well... Have fun. :P
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The thing is, why would it suddenly become outdated in a way that would mean you should ignore it? The advice has been preached for years - and it's right to be, too - and it's not suddenly like MySQL would up-end everything to undo all that...

Joshua Dickerson

Really, that guide can be removed in favor of the wiki:

Arantor, quit chastising them for a valid question. How often do 4 year old topics remain pertinent? Obviously there are caveats but relativity is more often than not based on time which is exactly why the most recent topics are the ones at the top. Not everyone is a software developer or follows MySQL's releases and recommendations.
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So if they are outdated, why has no-one written an updated one? Maybe it's because they're not outdated after all?