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Claude, OneAll:
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Social Login

OneAll Social Login allows your users to connect with one click to your Simple Machines Forum by using their social network accounts.
Over thirty different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, GitHub, Windows Live and others supported.

Users can connect with one click to your Simple Machines Forum by using their social network accounts.

Social Login increases your registration rate
Social Login increases the user registration rate of your Simple Machines Forum by simplifying the registration process.
Get rid of long forms and complicated captchas by allowing new users to sign-up with their existing social network account.

Gather rich demographic information (age, gender, phone numbers ...) about your users without requiring them to fill out any forms.
Obtain pre-validated email addresses to increase your data quality and eliminate the long and tedious email confirmation process.

Social Login simplifies the login process
Your existing users can link their account to one or more social networks and can then use these social network accounts to login.
Eliminate the issues of forgotten usernames and passwords!

Social Login integrates with your existing system
Social Login seamlessly integrates into your Simple Machines Forum so you and your users don't have to start from scratch.

35+ Supported Social Networks
- Amazon
- Blogger
- Discord
- Disqus
- Draugiem
- Dribbble
- Facebook
- Foursquare
- Google
- Instagram
- Line
- LinkedIn
- LiveJournal
- Meetup
- Odnoklassniki
- OpenID
- PayPal
- Pinterest
- Pixelpin
- Reddit
- Soundcloud
- StackExchange
- Steam
- Twitter
- Vimeo
- VKontakte
- Weibo
- Windows Live
- Yahoo
- YouTube

API Connection
The social network APIs are constantly changing and being updated. OneAll monitors these changes and automatically updates APIs,
so you can be sure Social Login will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date API calls. 
In order to connect with the OneAll API, you have to create a new account at

About Us
Social Login is maintained by OneAll, a technology company offering a set of web-delivered tools and services for establishing and
optimizing a site's connection with social networks.

Visit us at:

The Social Login documentation is available at:

Need help?
We are devoted to creating a positive experience for our customers and always try to go above and beyond your expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us for questions about the Social Login Module, to give us your feedback or if you need any help
with the integration of the extension in your forum.

Our team answers your questions at:

Very cool guys. When login in with google i had an error.

I had the change the permission to 755 on oneall_social_login.callback.php  ;)

All good now.

I have just tried to set this up but something is wrong or Im making mistake somewhere.

Its hanging there and nothing happens, and Ive got everything setup.

Make sure the subdomain name is the same on your dashboard.

It is but Im not sure if it makes any difference if its mydomain/forum/ or not. If so then I should add /forum ?

Also there is no subdomain, only tld

Edit: Osnap...I see that there is API subdomain entry...what now I need to create a subdomain for it?

Im sorry but this is not working for me for some reason. Its not verifying anything and it just hangs there. I made sure i got it all set right, API subdomain entry is the same as I have set on the dashboard.

If I need to create something else like a subdomain on my tld please say so, this way it will end up in the bin.


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