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Some basic patches for 2.0.x

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Although it is SMF policy that stable releases will only receive official security patches, it has been decided to offer some fixes for other problems that have become apparent since 2.0.x was originally released.

These fixes will be offered as separate mod packages, for installation via the usual package manager process (of course anyone is free to propose bug fixes at discretion in mods or through the Tips and Tricks board).

Please note that SMF will not be attempting to fix absolutely every minor bug in 2.0.x, and fixes will be offered at the team's discretion.

Two things that are particularly relevant these days are new versions of Internet Explorer, and detection of phones and tablets.

A mod has been packaged to update the browser detection array in Load.php, to enable detecting a broader range of browsers and devices.

This includes detecting versions of Internet Explorer up to the not-yet-released IE11, and correction of the existing $context['browser']['ie_standards_fix'] so that it only targets versions earlier than IE8.

There is also the option of using a $context['browser']['is_mobile'] and $context['browser']['is_tablet'] setting in custom coding, if desired. These two settings cover a useful range of devices and browsers, and there are more specific settings in the main array as well.

The package for updating browsers and device detection is named, and is attached to this post.

A second package is also available, named

This updates some template and CSS details, which were problematic if IE9 and IE10 detection were enabled with no other changes. The fix has been tested in LTR and RTL languages, and in all currently used versions of IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome.

This package also includes a minor CSS fix for anyone who uses the sidebar menu option on a narrow screen.

Sneaked this in. :P

Thanks for putting this fix together. ;)

I like the idea!

Awesome thanks!

Thanks for this... I will translate this and post in spanish board.


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