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Some basic patches for 2.0.x

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Yes thanks!
great deal :) good looking out!


Basic CSS fix for a minor bug in Chrome - 2.0.x category header text mis-aligning when expand/collapsing.

--- Quote from: Antechinus on June 07, 2013, 08:27:05 PM ---Ok, solution. In index.css find:

--- Code: ---/* Styles for rounded headers.
------------------------------------------------------- */
h3.catbg, h3.catbg2, h3.titlebg, h4.titlebg, h4.catbg
overflow: hidden;
height: 31px;
line-height: 31px;
font-size: 1.2em;
font-weight: bold;
h3.catbg a:link, h3.catbg a:visited, h4.catbg a:link, h4.catbg a:visited, h3.catbg, .table_list tbody.header td, .table_list tbody.header td a
color: #fff;
--- End code ---

Add after:

--- Code: ---h3.catbg a:link, h3.catbg a:visited
display: inline-block;
--- End code ---

Tested in latest FF, Chrome, Opera, IE9 and IE8 emulation and IE7 emulation. Works in all of those. Should be fine in Safari too.

Haven't checked everywhere else in the theme, so if it breaks somewhere else with the added css it will be easy to alter the code to only target the board index. :)

ETA: This should also work in any custom themes that have the same buglet.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for these patches!!   Wonder why these didn't make it into the SMF 2.0.5 update....

EDIT: Would love to suggest sticky-ing this topic.....

I'm guessing nobody remembered these patches when we were working on things for 2.0.5.

Did any of these make it into v2.0.6?

EDIT: Nope.... Just looked....  Still left out  :o


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