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Language editing ability that actually works well

Started by Arantor, February 21, 2013, 06:36:34 PM

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OK, so yes, I know there is a facility inside Admin > Languages to edit the language files. I'm aware that it doesn't cover the registration agreement or the email templates (of which there are better facilities already available for SMF anyway)

But the main language tools should be beefed up and made really usable. There's no way to add new strings, nor is there any way to edit the content without 1) knowing where to look, 2) having write access to the files and so on.

So can we add a facility whereby we can edit strings from the admin panel, easily and conveniently, without write issues? A search function would be great too.


yeah, I didn't even know this existing section was there... but, after 5 minutes of tryignt o use it, I already agree. :)

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hmm, just discovered one of my users is using german and another dutch.. dread to think how things look for them.

Of course I always update ALL of the language files when i make modifications. ;)


As an enthusiast of foreign language promotion, any enhancing of administration tools for using other languages would definitely get my vote :).
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I currently have such "problems" with the modify menu mod, no idea where to step inside so I made the buttons two lingual. The registration I used to manage by writing it in two languages, with most of the emails I have no idea even how to change to original text.
That would be really great! Thanks in advance!