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If you're having performance problems (or just want your forum to run faster), you'll want to go through the following steps to try to track them down:

* If you're using SMF 1.0.x, make sure the "Check avatar size every time it's displayed" setting is off.  This setting was removed in 1.1.
* Do you have APC or another optimizer installed?

* Do you have a lot of posts?  If so, have you converted any of your tables to InnoDB?
* Have MySQL's settings been tweaked to optimize memory usage and general efficiency?
* If you're not on a dedicated server, are you sure others on your server aren't hurting your forum's performance?  If you're not ready for a dedicated server now, think about planning for one when your forum gets to a certain size.
* Once you're satisfied of (or properly confused with) the above, if you're still having problems... simply create a new topic in this board, with the status.php file attached uploaded to your server, and some indication of peak times, what your problems are, and what you've done about them so far.
This is currently an incomplete list (although it contains the most important points.)  More detailed information is in the works.


Please read this thread before posting about performance issues

Joshua Dickerson:
There are some other things that are very important. I think performance should be addressed from the lowest level (the kernel) up (SMF):

* Start with a good server. If you are using shared hosting, check load averages. Make your host give you the information that you need. You also want to know MySQL, Apache, PHP, and kernel version. Along with how many accounts are on the server and other usage statistics. This is KEY for shared hosting. If you are using dedicated, shop around and go with what is best.
* Ensure your operating system is up-to-date and optimized. Windows has shown to not be as good in terms of performance for Apache or MySQL
* Use Apache 2 and optimize it. Still doing my own research on different MPMs so I can't really suggest which one would be best for each situation. Although, they are different ones for different server usage. Do some research
* Use a later version of MySQL. There are perfomance enhancements with every new version.
* Get PHP 5! Its been stable for quite some time now. Run the php.ini-recommended (just erase the '-recommended'). I recommend turning on display_errors and turning off error_logging. Unless you want to stick with the errors going straight to logs.

Now there is PHP 5.1 5.2!! If you aren't using PHP 5, you need to be.
* It's finally official, MySQL 5 is GA (MySQL's way of saying stable). Get it! There are a lot of things that will make SMF run better. Like the ability to use key parts. Hopefully someone will come up with a mod to use MySQL 5 and the PHP mysqli lib to their fullest. *nudge*
If you have any other scripts running, try to optimize them or get the developers to optimize them. I see a lot of really bad PHP programming out there.

Joshua Dickerson:
btw, I edited the status.php script to view phpinfo(). To view it ... in other words place '?php' after status.php

One more thing:
If your forum has many (1k+) attachments, be sure to disable the attachment dir size limit! the filesize check needs to iterate all files in your attachment dir everytime someone uploads a file, which can take quite a lot of time for big attachment dirs.

[hint]that routine needs some updating, anyways...[/hint]

What's the 'Opened vs. Open tables:' mean? The value on my web host is 170.085 (which looks high, considering it says '(should be <= 80)'. Actually, what does all the MySQL stuff mean?

Haha, AMD can't spell. Supposedly, my web host has a "AMD Athlon(tm) Prosussor" :P


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