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PM tweak?

Started by kat, April 01, 2013, 07:10:39 AM

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You get a "You have a PM" popup and go to your inbox.

You see the message, which is at the top of the page.

You reply.

You don't realise that there have been two messages, or more, coz the other one's the last message on the previous page. So, you miss it.

Any way around this? (Apart from the obvious "Remember to check, you moron!")


Using 'all at once', 'one at a time' or 'conversation' mode?


Meh. When you have six billion pages of the things, that could be a PITA.

Forcing someone to use a thing they'd prefer not to, isn't, really, curing the problem, either. I assume our members, on their own sites, must encounter the same, no?

I appreciate what you're saying, though, ta.


Did you read a different message to the one I wrote?


Possibly. I AM weird.

I thought you were suggesting I used other views, rather than asking what view I'm using. :P

I just use the default. Twenty messages per page, or so?


I was asking you which you used. The default is all at once, in which yes, this sort of thing will happen.

If you switch to one at a time, however, this won't be a problem (and will be far more meaningful than all at once)


Lemme go try that...

Might be good to have a feature where, perhaps, all new messages appear on the same page, even if "All at once" is used.

Dunno how difficult it'd be to implement that, though, obviously.


Well, the solution is use something else than "all at once"...
Unless you want to mark all your PMs as read manually one by one.

Take a peek at what I'm doing! ;D

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Quote from: K@ on April 01, 2013, 07:40:42 AM
Lemme go try that...

Hmmm... It'll take a bit of getting used to, that. I'll give a whirl, though. :)


(Not that this negates my original request, of course)

You can see where I'm coming from, Manny, no?


The point is, all at once specifically negates your originally request. The whole point of all at once is that it shows it to you all at once - and inherently marks them all read in the process, whether you've read them or not.


So, basically, you're saying that we're stuck with it, as-is, yes?


I'm saying you're stuck with it by design if you stick with all-at-once because of how all-at-once works (and has *always* worked)



Not easy to implement my thought about changing it, so that all new posts go on the same page, then?

Sod what I want. That's not why I posted. It's just that if I'm "suffering" from this, I was assuming that others were, on their sites.


Which would sort of defeat the point really because all you'd do is simply be marking all new PMs as read straight away. Might as well not really bother tracking read/unread ;)


It would mark them as read, ay?

Bugger. OK, ignore this, then. :)


Both PMs and posts in a topic suffer from the problem of getting to the bottom of the page and not realizing that there are more unread ones on the next page. I don't know how much work it would be to implement, but a possible solution would be to somehow detect that you're NOT going forward to the next page, but are leaving in some way (including logging out), and put up a pop-up reminding you that there are more unread PMs/posts. This might be possible if you're staying within SMF (all exits from a page would have to be covered), but obviously would be a problem to detect it if you're jumping clear out of SMF.


I tried the other view, but switched back, coz I kept getting "You have a new message" warnings, when I hadn't.

But, as I said, it wasn't for me, especially. I just wondered if there was a way of doing this, for our members and SMF in general.


There's nothing we can do with this that actually fixes the problem being mentioned, as such. All at once mode will always have this problem, one at a time and conversation mode do not, inherently, have this problem (because they will tell you there are unread messages)

About the only thing we could do, which would require removing all at once entirely, and that's to never show the list of messages at the same time as the actual messages - so you'd show the inbox on one page and then the actual message itself as a second page.


Right. I see where you're coming from. :)

OK. How much of a pain would it be, to make the "You have messages" popup thingy display the number of messages that there are?


There is a discussion, some time ago, for a similar functionality in posts. Something like that could be used for PMs...
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That seems like a good way to go, then, if it's agreed that this kinda thing would be useful. :)

Been wanting to use that for ages... ;)


Um, the messages popup displays the number of messages unread... so does the inbox page.


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