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SMF 1.1 Release Candidate 1 has been released!

Started by Compuart, September 20, 2005, 10:41:57 AM

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Simple Machines is very happy to bring you the first release candidate of SMF 1.1. This release marks the end of the beta-stage for 1.1. If you feel uncomfortable using software that's not gone gold yet, we recommend using the fully tested and stable 1.0.5 version of SMF. If you do upgrade, it will not be possible to "downgrade" except by using a backup.

SMF 1.1 has changed in many ways from SMF 1.0.  Problems have been fixed, bottlenecks have been identified, features have been added, and code has changed.  Mods and themes which worked with previous versions may very well not work without significant change with this new version.  This includes integration with Mambo, MKPortal, and Coppermine.  If you are not comfortable with this, please do not upgrade to this version.

If you feel you have found a security hole or very serious bug, it is best to email [email protected] to make sure the correct people are notified.  However, if it is not critical, it will be more quickly addressed if it is posted to SMF Coding Discussion or General English Support.  For any other problems, please post in the appropriate section of General English Support.

Some of the most notable changes from the previous public beta are:
  • A rewritten search engine to further optimize search performance, including separate subject caching.
  • Better support for safe mode/suexec hosts in the installer and package manager.
  • Sorting and better pagination is now supported in unread/unreadreplies.
  • Added several improvements to the SMF convertors.
  • Create backups upon package installation and uninstallation.
  • Added a stylesheet for the print media.
  • Increased usage of caching abilities of eAccelerator and similar packages for optimized speed.
  • New permission settings for server stored avatars and uploadable avatars.
  • A new [time]-tag, allowing to show a time that's dynamically adjusted to everyone's timezone.
  • Added support for previewing a post without reloading the page for Opera 8.01+.
  • Added a function for easily moving boards around.
  • The repair boards and topics function now uses steps to prevent timeouts.
  • Receiving 'report to moderator' notifications is now linked to a permission (moderate board).
  • Many, many bug fixes, tweaks, optimizations, improvements, etc.

    Please check the changelog.txt file for a much more detailed list of changes.

    We've also created a new Performance and Server Configuration board for discussion of performance issues and tips and support for making your forum perform better.  If you have a large forum, or feel your forum isn't performing as it should, please take a look at the information there.

    Upgrading from your current version of SMF to the latest version could not be simpler, merely follow the standard procedure of executing upgrade.php.  But, please remember to make a backup!!  The upgrader will upgrade any installation from YaBB SE 1.5.5 all the way up to the latest version of SMF.  You can always find information posted here about things like installation, upgrade, and more.

    Simple Machines

    On a more personal note.
    Grudge, one of SMF's finest developers has decided to leave the development team to "focus on things outside of cyber life." SMF owes him a lot of gratitude for his continuous commitment to making SMF what it is today. Without him, features like personal messages, reports, registration management, package management, and converters wouldn't look the same. On behalf of Simple Machines and the users of SMF I'd like to say: Thank you, it's been a pleasure working with you.
Hendrik Jan Visser
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1st post!

Now for the waves of updating of mods..

Hav fun Grudge and thanks for all your work on SMF



I've been waiting for this :D

Great respect to the SMF Team!




Does this mean I can stop supporting 1.0.5 now? :)

Glad to see it went public so fast. Now I've got a ton of boards to update :)
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This is great.  One step closer to final.  Does this ersion require updates to the themes?
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A few, yes.  Mostly for adding sesc to markasread.



it work fine so far... faster parsing...great admin panel...  no bugs yet that I can see...

jezz I've bought my charter membership just a few hours before that release    8)  ho well,  these guys deserve the donation anyway  :)  since i'm not a patient man,  it will be nice to be a charter member ...  and I've done very well ($$) with my 2 paid memberships forums anyway.. time to pay back a little .  :)


THANKS for your help & time here GRUDGE !! I hope you still stop by from time to time..... ;D


Wow, I decided to try out SMF for the first time yesterday, and downloaded 1.0 B3 - and now there's a new version out!  Great work guys!  Very impressed so far...!


I am having problems, every time I press the "Mark as Read" it says "Failed to validate the Session, Please try again"

Thank you


Quote from: elecboy on September 21, 2005, 09:58:19 PM
I am having problems, every time I press the "Mark as Read" it says "Failed to validate the Session, Please try again"
Update the templates that have a 'mark as read' button. The URL needs to have ';sesc=' $context['session_id'] appended.
Hendrik Jan Visser
Former Lead Developer & Co-founder
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thank you too GRUDGE!!!!

you ROCK!!!

and i will look forward to install this NEW version until it becomes more estable with mambo and the rest of the MODs hoping this time no more MODers will quit! Ha!

MPF Rocks!!!


Glad to hear that RC1 is finally public :) You should update your theme ElecBoy ;) Grudge, thanks for your help on SMF, we will never forget it :)

Edit: Seems Compuart was faster :)
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Very Cool!! Great News!

Hmmm, I hope my favorite template has a version for 1.1  :-\
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Wow awesome job to all SMF team and people including Grudge, this is great, fresh new SMF right off the bakery, how better can it get I ASK YOU!?!? I"LL TELL YOU, HOW ABOUT SHOP MOD COMPATIBLE FOR RC1?! EH U LIK THAT?! lol.

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SMF Team,

Thanks for providing such awsome software and great support. I am excited to d/l the new version and try it out.  You guys are great. Thanks a lot!



Quote from: gconn77 on September 21, 2005, 10:39:13 PM
SMF Team,

Thanks for providing such awsome software and great support. I am excited to d/l the new version and try it out.  You guys are great. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the kind words :).