Author Topic: Reattribe/Forum recounts *one of these is not working  (Read 1145 times)

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Reattribe/Forum recounts *one of these is not working
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:11:00 AM »
3 days ago, I attributed posts from 3 different accounts, to one person. It claims they all went through.

Right after, I ran recount maintenance

As of right now, their post count totals have not changed.

When I go to the 3 accounts I reatribbuted, each of those accounts still shows it having posts on the summary page

When I click on show posts, the messages tab is empty however the topics page is not



When I go to one of the topics listed, it shows that the NEW person is the one that started it.

Same post, different person

Looks like the reatribbute only half worked  (it changed the name of the post starter but did not remove them from the initial person)
The recount does not work because the new accounts totals have not changed at all.

Is there a different query on the DB I can run to get these updated?

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