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Started by vbgamer45, June 29, 2013, 09:29:03 AM

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Could someone modify this mod further so that it can work with my theme (Redsy)?


Quote from: Anjuna on July 13, 2015, 04:17:09 AM
Could someone modify this mod further so that it can work with my theme (Redsy)?

The way to make it work is to modify the Theme to pass the required modifications to install it from the package manager.


Quote from: Gluz on July 13, 2015, 05:06:22 AM
The way to make it work is to modify the Theme to pass the required modifications to install it from the package manager.

And if I knew how to do that, I wouldn't be here.   ;D


Well, first of all, have you tried to see what errors have the Package Manager when check in the Theme?

After that it's easy to help you modify the Theme to install the MOD.


Anyone knows the reason why special characters like "João" or "Cão", "á" are getting null in the response of getMessageLikeInfo?

I discovered, needed this ->

'name' => (!$context['utf8']) ? utf8_encode($row['real_name']) : $row['real_name'],




Thanks Joker for the mod  ;)

Is there any chance of translating it to Spanish?.



Quote from: Yorel on July 19, 2015, 08:26:43 AM
Thanks Joker for the mod  ;)

Is there any chance of translating it to Spanish?.


Translate it by yourself:
Create LikePosts.spanish.php with the strings translated from here:

Depending in your translation config you have to create a new file
For example:
or just


Thanks SirLouen. I translated the Mod the way you said.

Now, could someone say to me how notifications work?. Do arrive a PM to the user who receives 1 Like?, I enabled this feature, received Like but no notification (of any kind) arrived.


Hi installed on the latest version
i have the menu icons on my forum and notice that the like stats is showing twice with a broken image
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I cant even find the menu for this - its not in 'admin > configuration > modifications' Where is the option to turn this on and make configurations.

*EDIT - disregard menu loss- install failed, had to reinstall the sucker. Thanks for the love if you read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I dont have the like button though - I am running SMF 2.0.10 and a mobile responsive theme from SMFPACKS. I don't have the like button on my mobile response page or browser page? I turned on all the buttons in the settings, including on all the boards and member groups.


Yeah I had a play around with it this arvo, and still I don't have the like button on my forum at all - I have activated everything, in every board, for every membergroup, turned it on - the only thing that works is the 'likes' menu that takes me to the statistics page, which is pretty much useless because no one has a like button on their posts to use.


Maybe you have some conflict with jQuery, that's the main reason to not display the Like button in the posts.

When load your page press F12 and go to the "Console" section, then reload the page and check for any errors in javascript.


Sorry for late reply. Thanks for advice I will give it a Crack this arvo and let you know.



I manually edited the files, verified the changes, then uploaded them to my server, again verifying that the changed plus new files were uploaded successfully.  install.php also works.  However when I try installHooks.php I get this error:

Notice: Undefined index: lp_all_notification in /home/hotrod21/public_html/Sources/LikePosts/LikePosts.php on line 275

Notice: Undefined index: lp_my_posts in /home/hotrod21/public_html/Sources/LikePosts/LikePosts.php on line 276

Notice: Undefined index: lp_no_notification in /home/hotrod21/public_html/Sources/LikePosts/LikePosts.php on line 277

Notice: Undefined index: lp_stats in /home/hotrod21/public_html/Sources/LikePosts/LikePosts.php on line 306

what could be the problem ?  I've made many mods changes over the 8 years that I have used SMF with success.  This is the first time that I need help.


Ok so i reinstalled the whole thing - yeah it works a bit better now but the like button only shows in sticky topics, it doesnt show in all topics or posts, any ideas?



Ok fixed it lol - disregard last post

I reinstalled it. Must have been an install error to start with. Thanks for all the help people. Cheers ;D


Quote from: Joker™ on April 29, 2015, 11:14:36 AM
Quote from: Paracelsus on March 23, 2015, 06:23:38 AM
One feature I would much appreciate in the Like system is if there was the possibility of sorting posts in a topic by likes (ascending/descending). This way one could read from the most to the least popular posts in a topic (and vice-versa).
It sounds nice, but will be very query extensive, i.e not very DB friendly

I cannot imagine why this would not be very "DB friendly". It's just sorting, the same way as there is sorting by date (default), title, user, views, replies, etc.
I would like to have this feature too. SMF Likes does this.
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OK, so I've read this thread, I've gone back and forth with the mod, checked and double checked the coding and I'm still not able to get it to work. I've checked my permissions in the admin.  Everything seems to be in order, but there are two things happening that aren't making any sense to me. First, what is this supposed to do for me:  "Show Likes notification" -at the top of the page?   It's not even a link, it just sits there.

Second, when I click on the "like" link (no image) at the bottom of the post, nothing happens.  It's just dead. No running count under the avatar, no nothing.  What am I missing here?


If you click on the "Show Likes Notification" and nothing happens, then you have an issue with jQuery, and the same goes to the "Like" link at the bottom of the post, it should animate and change to "Unlike" with another background color.

Can you give a link to your forum?