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Get to Know The Team: Irisado

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--- Quote from: Old Fossil on July 16, 2013, 08:06:10 PM ---Ya not that far from me ya know ( Herts I mean).

I like music from the 1920s to some of todays so that's a good mix you have there lol.

Do you nag at people?

--- End quote ---

Yep, we're pretty close when I go back home, although I don't think that I've actually ever been to your neck of the woods.  Not that I remember at any rate.

I don't usually nag people, but I do nag Kindred sometimes in another place :D.

--- Quote from: 4Kstore on July 17, 2013, 02:27:47 AM ---ps: Veo que te gusta mucho el español :P

--- End quote ---

Me encanta el español :).

--- Quote from: K@ on July 17, 2013, 05:36:15 AM ---Hmm... schitzo...p
--- End quote ---

That's about right :D.

--- Quote ---That's two of us that use that term!

--- End quote ---

I thought it was just me as well  :o.

Thanks for the welcome all :).

I did Latin...

In English-English, "Fora" was/is the correct term, viz-a-viz the Latin. But, as usual, our delinquent colonial upstarts couldn't cope, with that, just as they can't cope with "Radii"...


--- Quote ---If you have additional questions, I may answer them ;)
--- End quote ---

What is the engine block size of a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda?  ;D


--- Quote ---Skyrim
--- End quote ---

:D I've spent soooooo much time on Skyrim...

--- Quote ---How tall are you?
About 6'2"
--- End quote ---

My height :O

--- Quote ---Name: Classified ;)
--- End quote ---

So was Illori's, than I found out she had the same name as my mother. >:D


--- Quote ---I can't join the SMF cat lovers club
--- End quote ---

No matter, that club is much too big already! :P

--- Quote ---I can be listening to a 'cello piece at one moment

--- End quote ---

I bet you're not refering to Apocalyptica there :P
Bach, perhaps?

--- Quote ---To finish my PhD, never do any research ever again, and become a full time university language tutor.
--- End quote ---

My condolences!
Doing research can be so much fun! :)

--- Quote ---I had previously managed a ***** forum, been a regular user on a ******* forum, and then signed up to a number of fora which used SMF.  I found SMF to be my favourite type of forum software, did some hunting around to find out more information, and ended up here.
--- End quote ---

Hm, my wordfilter triggered here. Glad to see you found your way here. :)

--- Quote ---Did you play hookey from class?
--- End quote ---

Follow up question: Is the answer above truthful?

--- Quote ---Tumbling out of control down a ski slope was pretty freaky.  I never want to experience that again.
--- End quote ---

did you videotape it!? Nahw :(

--- Quote ---The obsession with the commercialisation of higher education and universities.
--- End quote ---

It has it's pros and cons, I guess.

It was a nice read, welcome to the team! :)


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