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load.php error

Started by krittin98, August 25, 2013, 07:44:13 AM

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I am getting the error below when I try to access my site. A screenshot has also been attached

Parse error: syntax error,
unexpected end of file in /
Load.php on line 1184

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Dd you check your load.pho file?

Did you confirm that all of your files have an actual file size (not 0 bytes)?

Information is helpful.

SMF version?
Did you change hosts from your previous crap host?
Mods installed?
What did you change recently on your site? New mod? New theme? Manual change to something?

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SMF 2.0.4

Yeah, I shifted to a new host
I had last installed SMF Likes Mod by emulating to SMF 2.0RC5
but the mod failed to install. I mean that after emulation the mod was accepted and after selecting in which themes should I install it, it redirected me to a new page but that page was never displayed. It said "500 Bad Gateway"

The Team K Developers


Did you check your load.php file?

You didn't answer the question. Please check it and get back to us.   ;)

You may need to uninstall the mod by making manual code changes to the relevant files.


the op's screenshot says load.php has somewhere around 1184 lines, looking at my load.php it has 2852 lines. somehow the op's file got cut very short. do you have a backup you can restore?

maybe can help you


load.php is 52 kb

and as Illori mentioned about restoring the forum with the help of packages>backup, I get  "2013-08-25_before_SMFPacks_Lite_Likes_Mod_7.tar.gz", which implies that the mod was installed 7 times
Which backup should i download (I mean 2013-08-25_before_SMFPacks_Lite_Likes_Mod_1.tar.gz or 2013-08-25_before_SMFPacks_Lite_Likes_Mod_2.tar.gz and like that)

Screenshot attached with Load.php

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