Custom Avatars added through FTP not showing up

Started by Invisionary, August 28, 2013, 02:16:49 PM

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I have checked the url and it is correctly pointing to host/account/subdomain/forums/avatars
When I tried changing this it became red so I assume it is still correct. I removed the default avatars as I did not want them. I uploaded 6 folders with .jpg inside the avatars folder named. Each Jpg is named Category-##.jpg using a 2 digit serial code. The folder names are #-Category using a number to set the order. None of the custom images are showing up in my attachments and avatars admin page I see this "There are currently no avatars." and under File Attachment Statistics I see

Total Attachments:0
Total Avatars:0

What am I doing wrong? Why won't any of the avatars show up?


avatars uploaded to the avatars folder would show up in your profile under forum profile not in the admin panel anywhere.


I'm not sure I understand. I don't mean a custom avatar uploaded through the profile option as I have custom avatar uploading disabled. I mean specifically avatars I added to the avatars folder through an ftp client. I saw the default avatars in this list and it allowed me to configure which avatars were usable by which groups, etc. Am I mistaken?

Ah I see.. I just checked my profile and they are infact showing up there. I was thinking it was something that would show up in the admin area. Thanks.