Author Topic: Installed SMF 2.0.5 on new host and trying to bring over db from old SMF 1.1.18  (Read 7401 times)

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both 1&1 and dreamhost are oversold hosts, if you have issues with 1&1 most likely you will face the same issues with dreamhost or even more issues. it would be best to look for a non-oversold host like those in our hosting board here.
Yeah but at least DreamHost has cPanel and I would know what to do instead of depending on 1&1's poor tech support service.

I have tried 4 or 5 times now to install my database into my newly installed 1.1.18 SMF forums just like Arantor said. It should not be this hard. The file is less than 22 Mb complete for the forum. It is pretty bad when I have to split the database to import it and then it still only imports part.  My friend Sacha uses DreamHost and that is why I am thinking of it because he says the tech support is much better.
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In any case - my advice is to get a backup of your current site (the directory structure, files, etc) and the database and see if you can get those restored and working "somewhere".

imho - copying your current site to your PC even, and using something like WAMP, LAMP or MAMP (or is that AAMP - Mac or Apple) so you have 98%+ of your old site in it's present form - and worry about update issues later.

In short, your primary concern now should be getting moved in the time you have, not getting an upgrade done.

The danger you face by trying to install in a fresh 1.1.18 installation is that the mods you do not have (you mentioned shoutbox) will keep the restored database - that also expects all the other packages to be there - from being able to "come up".