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Domain/Subdomain Frustration

Started by Tyrranus, October 01, 2013, 03:15:06 PM

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Ok so I have a site... forum link used to be [nonactive] and thanks to a lazy bum that didnt let me know he got the reminder email I needed to renew the domain I lost that for the moment. SO have my site using the root domain the account is under ala [nonactive] everything hunky dory with the html and even the wiki... SMF not so much...
setup a new subdomain pointing to the proper directory [nonactive]
edit the settings.php and settings_bak.php to aim at the new link
and have a .htaccess redirecting to the new url. All good? nope....
every time I go to that new url it bounces me to the old one OR and this is new bounces me through [nonactive]
So I check other files... no issue with the subdomain .txt files, .html files everything else seems to have no issue.
This makes me think its something in the index.php thats causing this :/

HELP PLEASE before I put my fist through something :P

Burke ♞ Knight


* Tyrranus headesks repeatedly

so..&*#%ing simple and fast

it worked perfectly.... scuse me while I got bash my forehead in....