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BBC codes: Anchor and other attributes possible within a post?

Started by sangham.net, October 05, 2013, 02:54:33 AM

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Dear SMF friends and supporter,

somehow I believe that there was a possibility to place additional attributes into BBC tag, but I can not remember and maybe I confuse it.

Anyhow. Is it possible to place attributes like an anchor "id=xxx" and "title=xxx" within the bbc tags?

Thanks a lot!


I think it should be


[url=#hi]Link to anchor[/url]
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Yes!, it's all in the Alphabetical list of all bulletin board codes . Could not find it first, as it seems to be just linked for the entrance BBC-code page.

Wonderful, Thank!


Also note the iurl tag is designed for this, whereas url is not.
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Thanks a lot for your care and hints. Just tested it and it seems to be same-same.

Hmm...  test the url - tag test the iurl - tag

[anchor=h]Hmm...[/anchor]  [iurl=#n] test the url - tag[/iurl] [iurl=#m]test the iurl - tag[/iurl]

[anchor=n]Look[/anchor][right][iurl=#h]iurl back to the top[/iurl][/right]

Look again
[anchor=m]Look again[/anchor][right][iurl=#h]url back to the top[/iurl][/right]

Or did you mean in reference with a link from "outside"...


If you notice in your post, all the tags are iurl tags... iurl means internal URL, i.e. going to the same site and frequently the same page.
No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented


Ohh... I see, it automatically changed. Brilliant! and understandable. I did not look after editing.


Just saw, that it does not automatically change if a http... link is used in addition.

The reference much be direct to the post, i guess let's look No, works well for the topic as well.

[iurl=http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=512192#post_hi][b]let's look[/b][/iurl]


Just wanted to mention that the anchor id does not like numbers (other I have not tested yet. Just in the case somebody would face that problem either, not knowing the reason why the tag is not integrated as tag but simply as text.

Anyhow, great.