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Dear members,

We are very pleased to announce that we have acquired sponsorship from!  NameCheap was very generous and decided to sponsor us for all our domain name and SSL certificate needs.

NameCheap has also provided us with a brand new mirror server for serving downloads, which will be put into rotation soon, along with a mirror hosted on our own server stack. This new setup will be replacing an old mirror location, ensuring that downloads should be served faster and in a more stable manner than you may have experienced during recent weeks from the current mirror location.  Thanks to us being able to add more redundancy from both our own location and the server kindly sponsored by NameCheap, download speeds should be much more reliable!

In order to celebrate this event, NameCheap is offering a discount on .com/.net/.org domain name registrations for a limited time, restricted to one per client, which can be obtained using the promo code "NClovesSMF" on your order! This is for both new and existing clients.

Matt Russell, VP Hosted Services at Namecheap, said “SMF is a popular forum choice among Namecheap users and our domain, hosting and SSL services power many SMF instances. We are delighted to be working more closely with SMF and helping them out with their service needs.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank for their kind offer and we're looking forward to a lengthy partnership. Thank you!  As always, we would also like to thank you, our valued community members/users, for continuously supporting us and having made us grow so large! We sincerely appreciate all of you.

Thank you!

With cheerful regards,
Simple Machines Board of Directors
Simple Machines Forum Team

Awesome great news!

Burke ♞ Knight:

To NameCheap and this wonderful news!

Indeed, thanks to NameCheap :)

Thanks! :)


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