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MundoNetV2 Theme 8: Undefined index: num_replies Error

Started by deadhero, October 17, 2013, 11:12:55 AM

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Hello, first sorry for my bad English. I use MundoNetV2 theme. This theme have a lot of problem on error log but i fix all and write official topic. Bu only 1 error i can't fix. I write official topic but i can't get answers. How i fix it?

Error log:

8: Undefined index: num_replies
Folder: /home/ (main sub template - eval?)
Satır: 521

This error come to anyone enter the site.

Error Code on BoardIndex:

/* Each post in latest_posts has:
board (with an id, name, and link.), topic (the topic's id.), poster (with id, name, and link.),
subject, short_subject (shortened with...), time, link, and href. */
foreach ($context['latest_posts'] as $post)
echo '
<div class="box">
<span class="link">', $post['link'], '</span> ', $post['num_replies'], '<br />
<span class="poster2">', $post['poster']['link'], '</span>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<span class="time">', $post['time'], '</span><br />
echo '
echo '



Bumping within 35 minutes won't get you any friends.

Aside from that, contact the theme author if themes are giving you issues.

Topic locked.
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Don't bump your topic in 30 minutes, please!

That "num_replies" is non-existent in default BoardIndex. And, by the way, that theme was removed from the theme site for a reason.
So, you need to get support from the guy who made the theme...

edit: Sorry, Yoshi, was already written...
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