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Started by Gargoyle, October 30, 2013, 09:25:23 PM

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First I'd like to say I REALLY like the new layout in 2.1  8)

Now I'd like to suggest placing the replies / Views display side by side instead of the current over and under display.

Currently the header reads side by side but the actual count is over and under. I just think it would compliment the looks of the facelift to have the numerical values also be side by side. Which could also lead to removing the redundant text that is now required due to the over/under display of the numerical values.

That is all

Thanks!!!  8)


This is how it was originally in SMF1.1. It was changed this way so the messageindex would look less cluttered, so I'm not sure if the developers would consider changing it back at this point. Plus it's only a few simple code edits if you want a separate column for each.
Colin B
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* Arantor is not averse to making such changes.



I just need more people to be happy with the idea, really...


To be honest I wish it was just replies who cares about views :)
Thank you,
Robert aka godboko