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Started by Arantor, November 30, 2013, 05:04:09 PM

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In true Apple style, I got one more thing to tell you about.

I've been working on an alerts system for the core. It's still very much a WIP but it's very exciting for me to be working on it. This is, for me, the last major thing I want to get done before a 2.1 beta, so once this is done, I would hope a beta won't be far behind but I know there is some other stuff that we will need to do for the beta - there's some major bugs that need squishing first for example.

Screenshots attached. I don't think I need to say too much more ;D (It's not yet in Github, don't get *that* excited)

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* BurkeKnight likes the looks of this. :)


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Thanks for all you do.

Diego Andrés

That's exciting for us too.
Can't wait to see that working.

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Thanks Arantor. Keep up the good work.


Good work! I will be interested to see how this comes out.
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Does it share anything with the one I made for Wedge?


Thanks @Arantor   good work.

I have a request  :)  add rss post limit and icons

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Quote from: Dragooon on December 01, 2013, 05:22:54 AM
Does it share anything with the one I made for Wedge?

No. Even though that was BSD, I really do not want to get into a fight with Nao over ownership of code and thus it is from scratch.


Hi Arantor,

Is this going to be dynamic, like push notifications?
Also, is it a hybrid of ajax, php etc?
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No, because that would flatter your server to be pushing. It is updated every time you move to a new page, or if you click on the alerts menu, and the menu itself is loaded AJAXively.


I believe that that's exactly what I was thinking of, when I started some weird topic, in some other weird board, mate. :)

* K@ wonders if Arantor IS a mind-reader, after all...