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Automatic Twitter Embedding

Started by dimspace, February 07, 2014, 10:49:00 AM

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Just a quick tip that enables automatic tweet embedding.


in display template

function template_main()

Add after
echo '
<script language="javascript" src=""></script>';

Works a charm.

You can also customise it yourself using the original js files
JS >

In the js file you will obviously have to change the path of the css.


Thnx man!

First i paste the embed code and think.. What the F#^@^@%@^@
But you only need the normal url.

thnx for this tip

Edit i found a bug :D
If you use this, its fine. But if somebody quote the message with the tweet, the post will be empty, and the post with tweet is now a pst with 2 tweets :D
Excuse me for my english. i am from holland :)



Pretty nice!! I wish to have some time to work on the CSS of it... But the default is pretty cool too.

l: simple p: machines


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Sadly embedtweet appears to be more. We discovered the issue and its in relation to overloading twitter with API calls means you get blocked on a busy forum.

We at VR have figured out a solution which is in three parts.

A JS file that does the basics
A Json file that does the parsing of the tweet
And a database entry that stores the tweets to save repeated calls to twitter
And then a single line in display.template to pull it.

waiting to see if my codewriter gives permissions to put out :D


We have supplied the code and put it in mod requests so someone is free to develop it further as a modification