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named entities in templates are not allowed using xml

Started by Chen Zhen, March 01, 2014, 03:54:56 AM

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Chen Zhen

  I found some issues with the xml template. Currently no xml pages can be rendered properly due to the use of named entities within the templates. The solution is to change all the named entities to numbered entities which should resolve the issue.  This also applies to the SMF 2.1 branch on github but I am not about to post all those edits  :-\  I do realize some will work in XML but others will not including the   that is currently in most of the default templates.


" = "
&  = &

Also the xml template throws an error for lack of style attributes. I already posted a fix for that as a pull request on guthub for the SMF 2.1 branch but the same applies here.

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