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May 2014 Update

Started by Suki, May 03, 2014, 12:14:27 PM

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Another consistent update.

- Hooks can can create a new instance of your class for you and it will be stored in $context['instances']['your_class_name'], it you want to create an instance you need to use the # character at the end of your string:

add_integration_function('integrate_menu_buttons', 'MyClass::methodToCall#);

The feature is still compatible with how hooks calls work on 2.0.

- Hooks can now declare a file to be loaded when the hook is called, example:

add_integration_function('integrate_menu_buttons', '$sourcedir/MyClass.php|MyClass::methodToCall#);

The following wildcards can be used:


- Adds a fall-back if no wildcard for a path was given, it only tries to check if the file exists on Sources dir so make sure you included a valid path to your file.
Use more descriptive var names, no more $call[1], $call[0]
- Subs::call_hook_helper() is now used when calling hooks, it determines if the string passed is a callable function, a static method or a normal method and acts according to what was found.
- Change to schemaless URLs on hardcoded urls for the default custom profile fields.
- When an user gets a permanent ban, destroy the user's session and unset his/her openID data, thanks to Underdog.
- Arrows are no longer showed on third level menus, thanks to Live627.
- Enable/Disable BBC are now on under posting settings, thanks to Antes.
- When editing your profile, if a custom profile value fails, it will tell the user about it.
- Custom profile fields now has more options to be displayed, besides the current 3 options theres now:  below signature, below avatar, above username and bottom poster info.
- Warning logs are now searchable.
- Custom profile field "gender" now has a "none" value by default.
- Several bugs were fixed as well.

That's pretty much it, as always, you can take a look at where the fun is happening: and remember, due to the volatile nature of the repo, installing 2.1 for production is not recommended. You can, however, install it on a local or test site and give us a hand at reporting issues.
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Thanks Suki...   I appreciate all the plugging away you are doing to patch issues as well as adding stuff.

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Thank you Suki and the dev team!
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Thanks and good work all! :)
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interesting news  very good work smf team  we w8 for more :)


Thank you for the update Suki! Good work.


Lots of work going on...

Thanks, for that, Suki! :)


Thanks for the summary Suki, and thank you to the development team for all the ongoing work being put into this :).
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